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Passsionate about movies and the art. He works as content producer at the creative agency Omenkart. For Hermann Kom, what matters in his activities is making sure his clients wishes come to life!

What is your post at the agency?

I will say my responsibility at the agency is primarily to oversee all aspect of producing content, be it internet commercials, AKA “spots”, brand content, television and to some extent podcasts.

Practically speaking, what is your role, and why is it important for your clients?

Practically speaking, I’ll say my role is to act as a liaison between our clients and production. What does that mean? Well, basically keep an eye on every details. From conception, budgeting, location sighting, sound, cast, script, developing storyboard, shooting, editing and amongst others. So that, at the end of the day, the objectives are met and more importantly that the client is satisfied. In other words, making sure the clients wishes come to life on air or on screen.

The Omenkart project that matters the most, in your eyes:

I wouldn’t say there’s a project that matters particularly because I simply considered every project we take at the agency as important. Considering every project as important as any other means, giving it your all to obtain the best outcome in terms of quality.

What is essential for a brand in your eyes?

I believe the ability to understand generations and more importantly trends. Brands usually underestimate both of these factors. Understanding generations gives you the ability to understand what are their values, what they stand for or don’t. An example could be the issue of climate change which has become important among a certain generation. Trends gives you the ability to connect with your audience and to some extent hopefully create a relationship between both parties. Technology has brought the world closer in recent times like never before. Brands need to know how to use these channels as a means to stay relevant.

Your favourite brand experience, which according to you, contributes to changing the world?

It’s a complicated question, but I can’t help myself from thinking about one of my favorite brands which is, Nike. I was talking about generations and trends in the previous questions. Nike is the perfect example of a brand that understands and uses them perfectly, and with time, has place itself as a lot of peoples favorite sportwear brand or clothing. How, by adopting a generations values and culture and using trends to reach out and connect with them. I mean, Nike celebrates athletes that have achieve important miles stone in their career, celebrates people who stand against racial discrimination and celebrates humans that have achieve the unachievable despite their handicaps. That for me is an example of a brand experience that contributes in changing the world for the bett

Working at Omenkart doesn’t count for nothing! Why not?

I wouldn’t say working at Omenkart doesn’t count for nothing. On the contrary it does count a lot as any other experience. We learned everyday and from anyone. Working at Omenkart has contributed to where I am in my carrier. With the talents at the agency is hard not to succeed in your work. We learn a lot from each other.

What is the last advertising campaign that gave you back faith?

It’s hard to answer, there’s a lot of amazing campaigns out there. But, there’s one that hit me differently lately because of its simplicity. It’s the #MatchMadeInHellCampaign by the dating platform Match.com produced by Maximum Effort an Ad agency own by popular Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds. The story telling is good, the production great and the outcome of course could only be amazing. Every element perfectly blends together.

Like we say in French, un dernier mot?

Your place is where your dreams are, dream big dreams.

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